It's one week before the football is over for another year.

 I suppose it's routine for bloggers and mothers and milliners to say "How time flies"... and yes I know we all get the same number of hours in a day. So I suppose I should stop marvelling at that inevitability and discuss some more interesting matters. We are making some new hats and I want to tell you about them. 
Here are some of the squggly hats that I am enjoying this year, these 3 are red or contain red. I love the way red is so sharp and eye catching. Most people can wear red and look great. 
Tess in a solid red sqiggle hat with vintage flowers.

This grey piece is called "Where there's smoke there's fire" - a good way to introduce red but with a bit of subtlety.

This small headpiece is a perfect way to add a dash of red in a more relaxed way. 

I hope you enjoy these hats, There are more to come & I look forward to sharing them with you. Cheers, Serena